Politicians: They’re Just Like Us!

Ah election season, aka clean out your FB friends list after finding out their political opinion sucks. I know politicians seem all scary and not like us at all because of the super PAC bullshit but do not fear! We at The Medium were able to find exclusive pictures of some candidates doing shit like us!

THEY GO SHOPPING! HILLARY CLINTON shops for her favorite brand of unsalted pretzels and Trix, the cereal that’s just for cool kids (like her)!
THEY CHEAT ON THEIR SPOUSES TED CRUZ spotted on a date with DEBRA MESSING bringing a new meaning to the term just “messing around“. But don’t worry this will go unnoticed by voters and his wife!
THEY DRINK WATER MARCO RUBIO drinks water from a hose just like those of us in the 99%! Though RUBIO could work on his form for catching the water, his golden retriever like lapping is hard to hate!

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