Drop it Like It’s Hot?


The time of add drop period is upon us and I’m guessing at least one of you needs some help on deciding whether you want to drop a class or not. So here’s a little guide that can hopefully help you decide.

1. Is there someone hot in the class?
Seriously, this can be anyone. The professor, the TA, another student, just someone who makes your downstairs tingle enough to feel like you should go to class. I mean you could get a fuck buddy out of this class OR fuck the professor and become a legend.

2. Is there a textbook?
I don’t care who’s in this class; if there is a textbook, it is not worth it. Reading? Having to buy something? No way, dude. Get the fuck out of there.

3. How close is it to a good food place?
I mean is it near a pizza place or a fast food place in any way? If not, then I don’t think you should keep the class. Honestly, you should be making your class choices around food.

4. On a scale of barely have to be alive and blink and you fail, where does the class fail?
Lets be real; you are going to have at least a dozen nights where you go too hard and are dead in class all day. Make sure you keep the classes where you can roll in with sweatpants, flip flops, hoodie, and a pair of sunglasses, and still feel like a valued member of society.

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