Slaughter in the Court: Martins vs. Lensky

BY The Bus Kid


NEW BRUNSWICKThe Rutgers Student Center food court was the scene of a staggering annihilation by RU Chess Club’s Johan Lensky Monday night, destroying  newcomer Ryan Martins.

As Martins took a seat across the “Emperor of Rutgers Chess,” he quietly and quickly placed the pieces down and waited for Lensky to do the same.

Lensky, a master of the chess board and psychological warfare, waited until Martins finished and then rotated the board around.

“I am always black. Hurry up and place your pieces”, said Lensky.

Once the final white pieces was placed and Martins made his first move of a pawn from A2 to A4, Lensky let out an unsettling snicker.

“You lost,” Lensky said.

Leaning back in his seat, Lensky began to chant some ancient hymns from the Icelandic School of Skák. His eyes gleamed as his mind quickly analyzed every possible play.

As the light dimmed, Lensky’s hands quickly approached the board.

He began to scatter his pieces across the board while Martins flinched in awe of what was in front of him.

Within a matter of four seconds, Martins’ pieces had been defeated, leaving only the king.

Martin’s eyes teared as he realized he was nothing compared to Lensky.

A murmured “next” escaped Lensky’s lips as the final white piece crumbled away into fine dust, and thus ending this newcomer’s hopes and dreams of achieving anything in the world of chess.

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