What’s So Great About Coke Anyway?

BY Paulie Escobar

b526a2150cbca5acda8aab3e9b4f27f2I’ve tried it so many times. But I just can not for the life of me figure it out. What’s so great about Coke? The feeling you get when you first do it is great and all, but seriously, is it worth the risks? That moment when you first take it, and you just get this rush, you feel like the king of the world, like you could write that Expos paper, and a few thousand more, but the come down? The crash? It’s awful! I tried that lifestyle, constantly chasing that feeling, ingesting more and more Coke, staying up all night,  just to never feel that crash, but it never worked. I became addicted. Life never tasted so good, but I am proud to say that since coming to Rutgers, I’ve gone cold turkey. Coke is bad, it ruins lives. I’m so glad we go to a Pepsi school.

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