Being Korean and Christian at Rutgers

BY Sarah Kim

skUsually when people reach out to the newspapers about Rutgers, it’s about something bad or inconvenient, but this is not at all about that. Instead, I really just want to let you know that Rutgers has provided me, someone with a Korean-Christian background, ample opportunities to feel involved with both my culture and connect to God.

While most of those not in this rather specific category of students would not know of this, Rutgers offers not just one student organization for Korean-Christians, but three very different clubs to enable me to always fit in. I can nearly attend services and meetings every single day of the week if we include Saturday and Sunday masses! So you might be wondering, what makes all these groups so different and why do we need these all, well let me explain.

Firstly, we have the the Korean Catholic Circle (KCC) .Obviously, this sticks out as a specifically Catholic-based teaching of Christianity. From its about section, it says that it is all about bringing the love of God within the Korean Culture. Like hello, that’s all about me!

Now say you’re not really about the Catholic lifestyle and want a more general Christian experience. Well don’t worry about it because the Korean Christian Fellowship (KCF) is here for you! Based on its quick overview, the purpose of this club is also to love the Lord! Seriously, can’t go wrong here either!

But hold up, maybe you’re not really feeling either of these and want a really exciting student organization. For you guys, we still have one more opportunity here at Rutgers and it’s called the Korean Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC)! You might think it’s also about the love of the Lord, but they don’t mention love at all! I guess that’s what you get when you join a Crusade, and that sounds epic to me! But don’t worry, it’s still directed towards us Koreans so you’ll still fit just right in.

Now you know about all the Korean-Christian groups that are listed with Rutgers University. Who would ever have thought that there is something Rutgers doesn’t screw us over with. Though now I think about it, they don’t seem too different from each other, but that just means I get triple of the Korean-Christian experience. And of course if that’s not enough for me, there are a multitude of other clubs that fit at least one of the sides of my background so I can always find new people to help me explore myself and my heritage.

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