“Settlers of Catan” used to Teach International Trade

BY Sawyer
Whose Editor?

PISCATAWAY—Economics professor Dwight Freemont is a game changer. To increase the engagement of his International Trade Relations class, he is implementing the popular board game ‘Settlers of Catan’.

“Through this game, students are able to better practice the theory of production efficiency,” explains Freemont, “and they take the game to a whole new level! It used to be that even I fell asleep during my own lectures. But the class is exciting now, I’ve seen students who aren’t even taking my class come in to practice International Trade.”

“You just don’t get the same realistic experience from Risk, Age of Empires, Clash of Clans, or Farmville. I guess it’s close to Monopoly, but we only have class for three hours a week.”
Nahmeen Collins, a junior Economics major, commented on the new lessons. “I used to love playing ‘Settlers’ on a Friday night with my house mates. Now, I’m way too hardcore and no one will play with me. It’s just not fun anymore.

“I always realized Econ had its real life applications, but this is too much. I’ve started calling Cook-Douglass Campus ‘Cobb-Douglass’ seriously.”

There’s nothing more to write because no one really cares, do they? This idea was waaaay too niche.

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