Mr. and Mrs. SEBS Pageant

BY Milan Martin

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.13.21 PMOn Friday November 6th at 7:30, A group of six foxy females and six manly men graced us with their presence as they competed for Mr. and Mrs. SEBS 2015. Moes also blessed us with awesome catering for the event (more of a reason to go to this event next year). The contestants: Katarina Piasevoli, Francesca Roesli, Ali Zadia, Kevin Marceski, Frank Macquarie, Gaby Talarico, Tom Hoge, Edwin Xue, Chris Mazzacano, Cait-lin Uriarte, Diandra Arthurton, Jaclyn Bird were joined by their lovely hosts Kelly D’Amico and Sam Coakly. Each con-testant dressed to the nines and was asked a series of “chal-lenging” questions including, “what are three uses for a pencil other than writing?”, “what are the contents of your refrigera-tor?”. After the questions, the contestants were made to compete in a series of “minute to win it” games, which were personally, hilarious yet disturbing (try watching 6 guys viciously shake their butts for a minute trying to shake out ping pong balls from a box taped to their butt).

Yeah, I know it’s hard to picture. Anyhow, the women were subjected to do the same and then they also all had to stack Oreos on their foreheads. After these rather intense challenges it was time for the audience to choose the deserving male and female to be crowned Mr. and Mrs. SEBS. After much anticipation it was announced that Diandra Arhturton and Chris Mazzacano had won the coveted title! I personally had a blast watching ev-eryone compete and embarrass themselves a little. Definitely come out next time they do this because you get to see some quality entertainment from your fellow SEBS colleagues.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.14.31 PM

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