BY Broseff Stalin: Forever Missing

medium41) The distance from the sun to the earth is 92.96 million miles, while the distance between mars and the earth is about 225 million kilometers at maximum, and finally, light travels at 299,792,458 m/s. Now, presuming the earth had a reflectivity index of .42 and assuming that the light does not scatter completely passing through the atmosphere of the planets, how long will it take for you to realize how much you’ve fucked up your relationship. Jesus Christ, you really destroy everything didn’t you? Maybe you’re just better off alone and miserable.

2) The membrane potential in a resting neuron is -70 mV. When excited, the neuron depolarizes due to a shift in ions into and out of the cell. If you were to increase the concentration of potassium outside of the cell while simultaneously voltage clamping the cell to a voltage of -120 mV, then, at a peak concentration of 50 mmol you suddenly depolarize the cell, clamping it at 100 mv, when did you think you were gonna fucking tell me her body was in your trunk? What the shit do you mean it was an accident? I’m not going to fucking help you hide the body, I don’t want to be on the next fucking season of Serial.

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