What to Watch For: A 2015-2016 NBA Preview


He isn't in this article, but if Kobe is the picture, you better be damn sure to clicked on it.
He isn’t in this article, but it’s Kobe! Kobe!

  1. Carmelo Anthony: We all know he’s a great player, but quietly he’s become a great bitcher. He’s a sleeper candidate for All-NBA complainer of the year

    2. Knees: ACL tears are the norm, and this year I’m predicting at least seven knees completely leaving the bodies of their players. D-Rose has been bearing this burden for years now but it’s time some other players stepped up and sacrificed their knees once in awhile

    3. Babies: Around 2500 babies will be born out of wedlock to NBA players this season. With salaries set to take a massive hike after the salary cap increase, it seems these babies will at least be able to get an iPad mini with child support money

    4. Mark Cuban: Sources say Cuban has about had it up to here with everyone’s bullshit and is planning on taking a shit mid-court during a game before the All-Star break

    5. Utah Jazz: Just a solid team. Could actually make the playoffs this year. Really nothing dramatic going on here. Just watch them if you like basketball

6. 25 Token white guys who are not very athletic but hit the occasional 3 and play tough defense will be described as “scrappy”

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