BY Scary Terry

An A7 Original

1. Cowboy: A simple, cheap option for all you men and masculine women. Assless chaps might be annoying in the cold, but it makes sexual assault in a dimly lit frat basement extremely easy.

2. Risky Business: Another easy costume for all the ladies out there. And all the boys out there will thanks you for wearing only underwear. Again thank you, we really appreciate it.

3. Slutty Nun: What’s better than mixing business with pleasure, celibacy with Rohypnol. Don’t worry about offending anyone. Nuns suck.

4. Slutty hobo: Who says guys can’t be slutty and sexy. Just grab some old clothes and cut some holes in them, especially around the crotch. The ladies will love it

5. Badly burned nurse: Break convention ladies! Think about the irony of being a nurse, of all people, who suffered from third degree burns instead of going the traditional route of a nurse begging for dick. And burning yourself is cheap, just do it carefully!

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