Sorority Appropriates Satanic Culture with Pledge Sacrifice

BY The Bus Kid

Taylor Swift Body Double

Sorority Sacrifice copy 2PISCATAWAY—Students and faculty at Rutgers University may have noticed strange chalk drawings scrawled along the ground at central points of Livingston Campus over the past few weeks. Mainly pentagrams, these illustrations have become a nuisance for Rutgers Facilities as they are charged with maintaining the campus’s safe and clean image.
While RUPD searches for the culprits, some students mentioned that they have noticed an organization gathering late at night, dressed in black cloaks, holding candles, and displaying the Greek letters “Gamma Theta.”

Gamma Theta, an unsanctioned sorority at Rutgers University, opened up a chapter at Rutgers last spring semester. While there is not much known about the sorority, members are often seen clad in gothic garb, often adorning very dark makeup and clothing whilst doing their best to remain extremely pale. They are also known to only surround themselves with other members of Gamma Theta, isolating themselves from the rest of the Rutgers community.

After some investigative research by The Medium, an anonymous former pledge was found and contacted. Dropped from the pledge process after one month in, she notes that the leaders of the sorority decided to appropriate Satanist culture in order to remain non-basic.

During the pledge process, the informant recalls, “We often had to sneak into the piggery on Cook Campus and steal a pig and take it into the middle of Ecological Preserve, just to slowly slice away at it until it bled out. “Like, that was really disgusting and I literally wanted to puke. Eww!” The former pledge also mentioned that she was dropped because she wasn’t enough of “a bad bitch” for G0.

It is believed that the pentagrams are an extension of the pledge process for the upcoming Halloween weekend induction ceremony, where the Dark Lord’s presence is heightened due to the excessive sluttiness on campus. The pledges with the lowest points are forced to draw one while surrounded by the members of the Sisterhood. Dressed in black, the GTh girls would continue to chant their mantras as the omega ranking pledge undresses herself as she surrenders herself unto Satan. Once the pentagram and stripping are completed, she would have her throat slit. As the sisters believe, if Satan still wants her alive, he would perform unholy intervention and protect her. Currently, there have been no known survivors of this ritual.

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