Continuing Ed: A Profile on Our Oldest Student

BY Grind All

Rutgers1766Mason Angus is 40 and is one of our oldest continuing education student. Though the University hosts students who are older, Angus is our oldest continuing student. This means that Angus has consecutively been going to Rutgers since 1993. Angus is now in his 45th semester at Rutgers and has accumulated only 50 credits and no decisive major. When asked about how this is possible he responded with “Dude how is anything possible? How are we even here? Who fucking knows?” With that answer under our belts we can fully understand just how Angus has stayed at Rutgers for 22 years.

Angus has had an impressive run at Rutgers, rushing every single fraternity on campus at least once. “Yeah I even rushed the ethnic frats because even though I’m white I’m really into tacos and stuff”. Angus was rejected from every single frat and even one sorority when he went through a “discovering” phase.

But why is Angus still here? Why hasn’t he graduated or even just dropped out at this point? When asked this question he was extremely drunk trying to start a “Fuck Penn State” chant in front of Brower at 2 pm on a Monday. “WHY WOULD I EVER LEAVE THESE FUCKERS LOVE ME I LOVE COLLEGE I LOVE DRINKING I LOVE WOMEN” then he broke out into Asher Roth’s “I Love College” with level of whiteness I didn’t know existed.

Currently, Angus is taking expos for the 22nd year in a row and thinks he really has it down this time. We at The Medium wish Mason Angus good luck on his midterms.

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