:):):) 5 Yaks that can guarantee to boost your Yarkarma (:(:(:(:

BY The Hen Hen Man

yik-yak-web-logo“She’s not pregnant!!!! *emoji of hands up*/*emoji of praying hands*”
Dude I promise everyone is going to be just as fucking psyched as you are because in this area we are a team. No matter what you are gender, race, etc, we all can agree that no one wants to be stuck in a pregnancy.

“If a Frat guy lies about his dick size is that
considered Greek Mythology?”
This is just funny because it’s true. If you reading this and going “No it’s not!” you have never ever talked to a fucking frat guy about his dick size.

“Free and cancel are my favorite words.” — or pretty much any Yak that involves free and cancel.
Again, another thing that we can all agree on. Having nothing to do either because you don’t have plans or even better, because someone cancels plans on you, you get super super excited. Honestly, hanging out with people is exhausting which is why we’re all on Yik Yak pretending to have friends.

Any Yak that is about “Asserting one’s dominance.”
This really just has to do with asserting dominance over freshmen, weird roommates, or people in the take out lines. But for real, how many yaks have you seen with 100+ up votes about asserting dominance by doing something as random as standing in the 1 hour omelet line.

“Current mood. A dad outside forever 21”
This is just relatable. We all feel like this. Lost and scared. If college had to be described in one way, this is the way it would be described.

“Fuck Penn State”
Does this even need an explanation.

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