Yung OG Jeb Bush’s FIVE TIPS for smoking WEED This Winter!

It’s the motherfucking J-E-B! (JEB BUSH!)
You know I’m mobbin’ with the G-O-P!
(YEAH YEAH YEAH You know who’s back up in this
What what what what?
(So legalize the weed up then!)
Legalize it up, legalize it up!
(Just blaze that shit up guv’na, yeah, ‘sup Jeb??)
Yung Jeb, debate ‘em all, guv’na burn the shit up
I-R-A-Q my brotha bomb that shit up
F-B-I, N-S-A, yeah we lockin’ kids up
And when ya boy find oil this in the country you finna’ drill up
Gay lovers, sin makers yeah they giv’ heaven up
Money sense, defense budget goin’ up

Spendin’ hunnas while we runnin’ fo’ the Party’s support
Slip me twentyseven hunna and we gotcha fo’ sho’

Libs lookin’ at me strange but ya know that I own her
Step up inna fillibusta’ just a-swangin’ my Boehner

Donny quit talkin’, Trump walk if you just a celeb
Take a bullet with some dick and take this dope from this

Out of town, bring it down like the Corporate Tax
And if yo’ ass get sick, ay yo healthcare get axed

Come back lil bitch, light a blunt and undress
If you vote for the J you’ll be relievin’ your stress…

…Smoke Weed Everyday.

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