Targum Not Biased Enough

BY Jon Galt

Print Journalism Reader

On Tuesday, October 6th, the front page of the Daily Targum featured an article that objectively reported on the University’s new partnership with Tel Hai University, Israel. It covered expectations of development and implementation of agricultural innovations through cooperation between the schools.

It was informative as one would hope to expect from the news. However, one should note that the piece was devoid of any references to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That’s just unprofessional and uncharacteristic of the Targum, a publication known for publishing opinions about Palestinian suffering nearly five days of the week.

The Targum, a near-reputable publication, has published many scathing editorials of the Zionist Entity in the past for such war crimes as marginalizing a population due to security concerns and not defending their attackers enough from their own military. It should be noted that Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza was the only war to ever have child casualties and any affirmations to the contrary don’t support my narrative.

Everyone knows that Israel is our enemy even though it’s technically our country’s strongest ally in the region. Well now, our state and our school are working with Israel to everyone’s economic and humanitarian benefit! As soon as people realize we’ve aligned ourselves with inhuman monsters, I’m sure everyone with a conscience will join me in deferring enrollment to keep money from going to Israel (and New Jersey). Also, they will join me in boycotting Israeli technology.

Jon Galt is a fourth-year undecided major in School of Arts and Sciences minoring in Middle Eastern Studies. He submitted this editorial typewritten and can only be reached via landline telephone and by post mail.

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