Sara V: News Editor

saraSara V; daughter to Rand Paul and Mother to liberty;
Sara was Serbian, but we call her French Sarah because we were ignorant.

According to the Medium staff, she is the first Serbian to ever actually come to America. She’s also the first Serbian ever go to college!

She was not merely adopted by Serbia, she was born in Serbia, molded by it. She didn’t see the light of America until she was already a woman, but by then it was nothing to her.

Sara left Serbia during an coupe de tat and after getting all the way to France from Serbia, she decided to come to America. She quickly dominated the staff of The Medium and had all members eating out of her liberal hands before we could even pronounce her name.

Her tenure in America was tragically cut short during a feminist Yes Means Yes protest, because she yessed too hard. She leaves behind a hamster named Gloria Steinem and a packets of Russian permafrost.

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