Kaitlin R: Personals Editor

kaitlinKaitlin R passed suddenly after a horrible accident at Coachella, involving her pet hermit crab, Patrick. After a huge battle over Patrick’s fringed vest with another guest, Kaitlin was knocked unconscious. Who knows the real cause of this death match?

Was it the overwhelming beauty of the homemade vest which was actually cut to pieces, or was it jealousy for Kaitlin’s recently attained high level of Cat Power on Buzzfeed? Her hermit crab tried his best to revive her, unfortunately, he was unsuccessful and Kaitlin, our dear tree-hugging, flower-eating friend died.

Kaitlin has been a well loved member at The Medium and poor little Patrick will be lucky if he can survive this trying time. He may be the only person that misses her more than her best buddies at The Medium. If Patty makes it, please send hotdogs in honor of Kaitlin’s love of Rutgers’ annual hotdog day, in lieu of flowers.

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