I’m a nice guy, why don’t girls like me?


568712376_Conrad20Alverson_White20maletall_answer_1_xlargeHere’s the thing: I’m a nice guy; why don’t girls like me? I’m a real catch you know, and yet girls don’t seem to recognize this.

A few weeks ago I took this one girl out, and I was the ultimate gentleman. I even told her how nice she looked since she started waxing her mustache.

Another time, I told this girl that she was wearing too much makeup and informed her that we nice guys think wearing too much makes you look like a whore.

Instead of thanking me, she told me to go fuck myself, which I didn’t understand because I was just giving her some much needed advice.

But hey, if she wants to walk around looking like a whore, then fine, I don’t care. Clearly she was just a fucking bitch anyway.

I just don’t understand why girls ignore the genuinely nice and caring guys– like me– and go for the jerks.

I have done so many nice things for the girls that I meet. I take them out to expensive dinners and pay for everything. I buy them lots of really nice gifts. Hell, I have even taken care of girls who were completely wasted, and instead of taking advantage of them like any other guy would, I took them home. Don’t I get brownie points for that?
I never get anything in return. Sure I get a thank you, but how about letting me get to second base? I mean, isn’t that the least a girl could do for a good guy?

If I stop myself from sleeping with you when you’re drunk, the least you can do is offer yourself to me when you’re sober. It’s only fair.

Even after all I do and have done, I still don’t have a girlfriend. Maybe it’s because women are ungrateful bitches who don’t know a good thing when they see it.
Anyway, if any girl out there is interested in going out with me, just email me at niceguysfinishlast@gmail.com. I love all women so anyone is welcome to hit me up.

Unless you’re slutty, nice guys hate sluts.

2 thoughts on “I’m a nice guy, why don’t girls like me?”

  1. Wow, that’s highly offensive. You know there’s a HUGE difference between a guy who is nice because he’s genuinely a good and decent human being and a guy who is FAKING being nice in order to finally reaching his ultimate goal of sex and/or love through fucking discreet subtle manipulation. There’s a reason you don’t have a girlfriend and its because women can see through your shitty facade and sneaky egotistical mind games. You pathetic fake nice guys are no better than the “jerks” and “assholes” you constantly bitch and whine about girls going for.


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