Poor Reception at RAC Leaves Sorority Girls Helpless

BY Eaton Jejez

PISCATAWAY – The Rutgers University 2015 Dance Marathon was a huge success for the Embrace Kids Foundation, but for some, it left them wanting more. Many dancers complained about the poor cellular signal in the Rutgers Athletic Center.
“Ugh, I had to walk upstairs EVERY TIME I wanted to send a Snapchat” said Roxane Hasson of Delta Sigma Lambda. “It was SO annoying, scrolling down to refresh every time and it not loading,” said the DSL sister. Hasson was also unable to contact her boyfriend, Saul O’Day of Sigma Epsilon Xi, and feared “he was talking to girls in uncool sororities.”

The Louis Brown Athletic Center is said to be one of the loudest stadiums in college sports due to the acoustics of it’s trapezoidal shape. A consequence of this design is that cellular signals tend to bounce around and resonate, rather than leave the building and seek nearby cell towers.

In addition to having poor data service, others like Alina Sarasen of Pi Mu Sigma couldn’t even send text messages. “Right when we got there I lost track of my little. I think she went to go talk to some guy, and I tried to text her but it wouldn’t go through. I tried calling my big for advice but she wouldn’t pick up, so I had to go to the computers and email my g-big at the office. It was such a hassle.” Becky Chan, also of Pi Mu Sigma, lamented the Office of Information Technology’s poor handling of the situation. “I took this sick video at Club DM right as the bass dropped and was going to Instagram it but I had no service.” A staff member told her to try using RU Wireless.

“When I closed the app and logged on to the wifi, the video got deleted and they weren’t playing the song anymore. It was legit terrible.” The DJ gave no comment when asked to re-play Marvin Garrix’s “Animals.”

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