Gay Rampage


pic6Straight lives matter! Ever since the formation of LGBT movement, several extremist gangs have risen from these communities. Hetero-phobic hate crimes have been rampant in the Rutgers area, degrading the freedom of students simply because of their attraction to the opposite sex! As a straight man, I feel as if I am walking around with a giant target on my back, waiting to be attacked by these gay gangsters. I have no choice but to live my life as a closet heterosexual. Whenever I go out with my buddies to locations such as a gay bar or Hollister, I have to be fully conscious of my words and actions. Even Twitter has been trending with a new hastag, entitled

#StraitorsGetOut. This new terminology combines the words “straight” and “traitor” to create a powerful statement against the non-gays. I have been taunted with the new discriminatory lingo, I have been publicly humiliated, and I have even been tripped and pushed to the ground.

Just last week, straight men and women alike have stepped up and protested against this prejudicial hate. About 200 people walked the streets of New Brunswick demanding equal rights and treatment. The gay gangs were seen posting up on street corners and driving around the surrounding area. Halfway into the peaceful protest, a man and a woman were reported to be kissing each other, when an unknown suspect shot them. They were both rushed to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, where they were pronounced dead upon arrival. The shooting resulted in mass rioting and looting. Almost everyone died!

Further investigation indicated that the man and woman were actually bi-sexual, resulting in the dropping of charges and hopefully even a possible peace treaty between the Homo and Hetero’s.

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