The Importance of Varying Your Sources of Fake News


So you’re probably a smartass aren’t you? Always posting these ridiculous humorous, satirical, laugh-your-ass-off articles on to Facebook and Twitter to catch one of your less bright peers off guard and make them believe something outrageous like nerds holding house parties. But here’s a tip from me, a self-proclaimed master of fake news: vary your sources.

Seriously, eventually those monkeys will realize that you’re always posting content from, say, The Onion, Clickhole, or The Medium, and even though it’s all great stuff, they’ll realize it’s fake. And then the magic is lost, because they won’t go around believing that scientists found the chemical Dihydrogen Monoxide in their water and start freaking out.

There are a ton of non-stop humor and satirical news sources out there and you all should start looking into them, such as the Private Eye or Indecision Forever. And heck, once in a while put a real article in, you know to establish some credibility. This way you can truly dupe your friends and be forever the master of comedy in your social network of four-hundred friends.

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