North Carolina v DukeINDIANAPOLIS- After watching their beloved Blue Devils win an NCAA national basketball championship Monday night, elated Duke fans in all fifty states turned their attention to their other favorite teams: the Yankees, Dallas Cowboys and Notre Dame Fighting Irish football.

Aaron McDonald, a life-long San Diego resident and Duke fan since high school, traveled to Indianapolis to see the championship game.

“I’m speechless right now,” McDonald said after the university’s 68-63 victory over Wisconsin. “It’s a damn shame my Yanks lost today but I think they’re going to turn it around and I’ll be celebrating another championship in October. Then the ‘Boys are finally winning me one a Lombardi Trophy next year.”

McDonald explained he has not been to Duke’s Durham, N.C. campus but a visit to the school is on his bucket list.

“I’m gonna fly to Notre Dame to see Touchdown Jesus and my Golden Domers then drive right over to Duke,” he said. “I think they’re both pretty close together somewhere in the Northeast.”
Fans of the four geographically distant teams were excited to witness a championship after six long years. The Blue Devils last won in 2010, with the Yankees hoisting a World Series trophy the year before.

“I cried when the Irish lost in the national championship two years ago,” said 89-year-old fan Sandy Donaldson of Sarasota, Fla. “It’s tough being a fan of these four teams with all the heartbreak year after year. They’ve only won twenty championships since I became a fan in 1971!”

Rapper Drake was also spotted trying to get onto the court after Duke’s win, dressed head-to-toe in Blue Devils’ gear.

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