Tyrannical Rex: Chapter One: The Journey to the Meltdown

BY Guy With a Dino Fetish

So far we’ve met two characters: Tyrannical Rex and Susan Lee Bass. Last week, Tyrannical and Susan explored their sexualities by using sodomy and oral tactics; they found their flavor to be of the asshole. What an adventure! Anyways, it was a nice sunny day, the morning after T.R. and S.L.B. had a sleep over:

“Aaahh, good morning, honey,” said T. Rex.

“Yea, nice morning, huh? When are the dishes gonna be done, faggot?”, responded Susan Lee Bass. Conflustered, T. Rex yelled, “Girl, you make me really angry! Why are you bringing up the dishes?! I know we had sex last night, but it doesn’t give you the right to talk to me like that; I mean what do the dishes even have to do with sex???!”

Susan screamed, “Shut up Tyrannical! I’m not going to respond to your antics anymore. When you do the dishes, it makes me feel like you’re a person I can have sex with. When you don’t do them, your butt makes my mouth feel like a raisin. I’ve had enough of your nonsense. Just GROW THE HELL UP!”

Tyrannical took this very literally and decided to climb a tree, cuz it made him feel like he was taller. Fuckin’ stupid.

“Hey honey, I’m in a tree now about 5 feet taller, is this good you whore?!!”

“No!” cried Susan.

Susan, fed up with the situation, fled the scene.. As she was walking on the Jew Pass trail, she saw her very favorite person!! It was Anal Joe, determined to inflate his cock and balls. You’re probably wondering where Joe gets the name ‘Anal Joe’ . Well, Joe didn’t grow up with anus being his pride to shine. What really happened was that he peed in a toilet, and since people also poop in toilets and poop comes from the anus, his nickname became Anal Joe… Why, why do some people think that they can live their lives exactly the way they want to? Tell them to give up the things they love and run away without pursuing their hopes and dreams. Now, back to the story: Anal Joe said to Susan, “Oh my God!! Susan, how are you!!???”

“JOE!!! I’m well!!!”, said Susan (Susan uses correct grammar).

“Why don’t you pull down that dress and show me what that nickname really means” said Susan in a deep, threatening voice.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Wha— STOP IT!!!” screamed Joe as Susan touched his neck.
Anyway, next week, we will talk more about Anal Joe and his adventures.

Note: Tyrannical isn’t an asshole just yet. If you think he is, you’re just like really quick to judge and you need a diaper for your penis. But fuck that, that would feel weird. I mean, mines really sensitive and I feel like it would just tickle way too much to the point where it’s unbearable. Nah, not for me.

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