I am Asian, but cannot stand Fat Asian Babies.


asianI don’t understand why, the Chinese Malaysians love to feed their babies so much that the babies grow so fat with so many layers of meat on their arms and cheeks look like buttcheeks and the little mouth looks like an anus. It looks obviously overweight and disgusting. I know we all like ass, but don’t make your baby look like a giant walking-crawling-pooping ass monster.

Every time I see one of these monstrosities, I will always sit there and wait for it to get a stroke and seizure themselves all the way to the hospital. I waited because I want to yell at the parents for horrible parenting by overfeeding their little monster. And every time in the end I always get disappointed. They just won’t get seizures, which pisses me off. They obviously look so fat that they will die anytime soon.

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