I am so open-minded!


guy1You would think I am lying my ass off if I told you this, but I always make it a point to show how open-minded I am to the diversity here at Rutgers. Like say whenever I get on a F bus, I always do my best to make things not awkward by sitting next to a black, I mean African-American, kid. I wouldn’t want him to feel uncomfortable or anything like how some people just stand even though there are seats still left. I just want him to feel like that Rutgers is truly a welcoming place to his kind.

And it’s not just on the bus, even on Busch I try my best to be open-minded. Like when I overhear a group of Asians talking in one of their beautiful languanges, I try out my Chinese on them, saying things like “Ni-hao,” and “Arigato.” I just really want people to feel accepted at this university, and even if I do get some weird looks from some people here, I’ll keep showing how open-minded I can be!

Leave me alone!


guy2I just don’t get why some of the weirdest white people are here at Rutgers University. Like I get it’s a whole diverse and liberal setting, but for fuck sakes leave me alone. You’re not proving to anyone by treating my differently and “better” than others. Seriously, you need to take a chill pill cause this whole shit is getting annoying.

Like you don’t need to tell me every time we talk that “Black lives matter” or that you really love that February is Black History Month. And really? Do you HAVE to sit next to me on the bus? It’s always a weird white guy too, never a hot chick with a bootie or something. There are a ton of seats open besides the one next to me. And of course this always happens when I get the seat with the wheel so I gotta move in and get all squashed up because you want to prove to the world you’re not a racist. No one thinks you’re racist buddy, just really fucking annoying.

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