BY Adrienne April

"High Cchool senior pissed he didn't get in" Even though he had no intentions of attending Rutgers anyway.
“High Cchool senior pissed he didn’t get in”
Even though he had no intentions of attending Rutgers anyway.

NEW BRUNSWICK – For high school senior Hengai Cho, getting a rejection letter from Rutgers University seemed like the most impossible thing in the world.

“Wait, but …how? I’m the high school valedictorian, president of National Honor Society, and I volunteer with special needs kids. How the hell did I get rejected the safety school of safety schools?”

For Cho and 36,000 other undergraduate applicants, that impossibility became reality on Monday when Rutgers sent rejection letters to every single applicant.

The cause of this collective disappointment and confusion? A glitch in the computer system worse than Y2K that emailed every single applicant in the class of 2019 pool.
The worst part? The rejection letters were not even tailored to each applicant; they were letter templates addressing each applicant as “Dear {Insert Name Here}.”

“Maybe it’s good this happened to me, since they can’t even reject people correctly,” retorted a pissed off looking red-faced Cho.

Rutgers Admissions later sent a followup email rescinding the rejections and sending the correct letters to those who have been accepted and promising to investigate the matter.

“We’re becoming a more selective university, but we didn’t mean to be THAT selective. Sorry!” stated Carey McAduff, the president of enrollment management, in the email.
Rutgers’ mistake follows several other high profile institutions that have mistakenly sent wrong emails to applicants. Last week, Carnegie Mellon accidently accepted 800 rejected applicants while Johns Hopkins rejected, accepted then rejected again 294 applicants last December.

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