Microaggressions are a serious topic that we all as students should be paying attention to. Microaggressions are defined as “the everyday encounters of subtle discrimination that people of various marginalized groups experience throughout their lives.” Common examples would include “No homo,” “That’s retarded,” and “Stop being such a pussy”. However, because this is a new concept in our societal consciousness, many microaggressions are still being discovered and brought to light. Inspired by the Microaggressions Project seen on Tumblr, we at the Medium asked fellow Rutgers students to share little-known microaggressions they’ve experienced throughout the years.

1. “You People.” This is blatant anti-semitism. My people were oppressed during the Holocaust. ~Jen Goldberg, RBS Sophomore

2. “You’re a woman, you can’t be a Brony.” I can and I am! ~Jane Santos, SCI Freshman

3. “You don’t act like a normal sleep-deprived engineering student.” Not all engineers are the same. I happen to have extremely good time management skills. ~Harper Samoyed, SOE Junior

4. “You sound just like Meg on Family Guy.” Because I PLAY Meg on Family Guy. ~ Mila Kunis, not a student, but should be.

5. “Can you even reach the basketball net?” Yeah so? It doesn’t even matter, cause everyone loves me. ~Myles Mack, SAS Senior

6. “You better shake what yo momma gave you.” I was raised by two gay dads. I don’t have a mom. ~Marcus Finch, SAS Junior

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