But Weird Al Yankovic said it



Use of the N word has become commonplace in today’s culture. All members of society use this word with such carelessness that it has begun to nearly lose its negativity. From childhood, we are introduced to this term and its implications. Those who are branded by the N word were first categorized as those with the inability to socialize, tinkerers who failed convey themselves coherently, and members of society that seemed to have very minimal luck with the opposite gender.

Often, I recall our teachers hushing those who would hurl this abuse upon those who fell into the above qualities, for such an offensive word had no place in a respectable world.
Despite this, the world has somehow continued to imbue itself within today’s culture and the common jargon, with little care for the severely negative effects this word holds. In fact, many of whom are friendly often call each other by the N word when they conjure some form of superior intellect — most usually in a mocking tone. And it is not just in personal relationships that this word continues to thrive. Popular TV shows such as the highly offensive Big Bang Theory or the very ridiculing and degrading song by Weird Al Yankovic, “White N’ N****,” continuously mentions the N word with little regard to the effects it has on those who society already ostracizes with little to no dismay.

With such commonplace uses of this word in today’s society, the word seems to lost have its impact on those who are in fact NOT impacted by such a term. However the N word still is extremely offensive to us, those of us who been ridiculed by this word from a very young age to even this very day. The N word and its connotations, such as someone who failed once again with a lucky night and is forced to have another lonely night with himself and the glow of his laptop screen at two past midnight or someone who does not contain the ability to participate in the silly athletic culture, are very harming to those of this community. Hopefully, society as a whole will begin to understand this and abandon the phrase; otherwise I fear that it will be sticking around for a very long time.

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