Brain Teasers!

Volume XLIX Issue II

medium4Think you are smart? Well try these brain teasers and face reality that you aren’t.

1) You’re on a train traveling up a 3 degree incline at 40 miles an hour. The train is decelerating at 2 m/s2, and you the friction coefficient between the trains wheels and the track is .2. How many more miles must you travel before you are safe from capture for the body the police will find in your basement one hour from now?

2) Human bone has a tensile strength of 110 MPa, and for reasons given to you by a shadowy and menacing authority, you must make a cage of bone and lashed together by sinew of unknown origin that is capable of holding 400 kilograms of weight while hung from the top by a leather cord with a diameter of 2 inches. How drunk were you last Saturday, and how do you explain the fact that you are now a chubby chaser?

3) Who is your best friend? Are they really your best friend? Are you suuuuuuuuure?

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