MINI SERIES: From Down Under

Volume XLIX Issue II


This week The Medium takes an in-depth look at sitcom which was picked up by a station around the world, but subsequently canceled after unnecessary criticism.

Rico in the Kangaroo’s pouch.

In 2008, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) picked up a sitcom of a family of short motherfuckers, aka midgets, I mean little people sorry, called From Down Under. So they would go through everyday life, eat lunch, go grocery shopping, get chased through the streets for being fucking freaks. Everything seemed to be going great. Edward Bowie, the father, worked as a middle school custodian mopping up vomit twice a week. Cindy Sanchez, his homosexual love interest, worked as a year round store elf. And their 26-year -old adopted son Rico Danous, who worked in the local Australian Zoo keeping the children from getting to close to the fence. “They bite now children,” would forever be known as Rico’s catch phrase, even though the wallabies he watched had no teeth to bite. Oh Rico.

Episode 5 however would cast a shadow of shame on the network for many years after, in the episode entitled “Put Him Down.” In this episode, Rico was working picking up kangaroo shit while getting laughed at by fully grown adults. Suddenly a kangaroo ran over, picked Rico up, and put him in its pouch thinking he was its baby Joey. People screamed, threw their TV’s out their windows, and rioted to the capital to get the TV show banned. ABC would ban the show the next week, and fire all midgets from their company to avoid further ridicule from the public.

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