Sorority girls fulfill two week, lifelong dream on Bid Day

Volume XLIX Issue II


"i absolutely cant even" Strong. independent  bigs with their strong independent littles.
“I absolutely cant even.”
Strong. independent bigs with their strong independent littles.

NEW BRUNSWICK — After a day filled with new sisters, letters and Instagram posts, Jennifer McElson said it was beginning to settle in that she was actually a part of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at Rutgers.
“I’m ecstatic to be a Zeta and can’t wait to spend the rest of my college years with these inspiring girls,” she said, “and I have a most perfect big ever!”

Many girls across campus this weekend had similar experiences to McElson. President Stephanie Anderson of Gamma Phi Beta said she was very excited to welcome a chapter-high class of 65 most perfect new sisters.
“These girls come from all across campus: athletes, Honors students, artists, you name it,” she said, “and I just have the most perfect little that I can’t wait to take under my wing and shower with affection.”

Many members take the weekend to reflect on what it meant to them when they received their bids.
“It was an amazing feeling when I received my bid from Delta Gamma two years ago and since then I feel like I have truly grown as a person,” said Cindy Anderson.

“Of course, I couldn’t have done any of this without the most perfect big, who has replaced my actual sister, mother and father in my life.”

The university has nine members on its Panhellenic Association and displays them proudly when recruiting new students.
“These young women truly embody everything Rutgers looks for in their students,” said Student Life Director Brianna Yang.

“As a former member of Phi Sigma Sigma, I know the impact sororities have on the campus community.” Yang added, “I still keep in contact with many of my sisters, including the most perfect little that was sent down from heaven by the gods above.” Rutgers’ newest sorority, Phi Mu, added their first full recruitment class in the chapter’s short history.

They posted a picture of the group on Facebook with the caption, “Our sisters finally have the most perfect littles made of sugar, spice and everything nice.”

Fraternities also had their Bid Days this weekend. The Interfraternity Council issued a joint statement from campus fraternities saying, “We added some new guys this week. They seem cool.”

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