Volume XLVIII Issue VII

medium piechart

This week, I found this pie chart on Google, and doesn’t it look nice. I’m not quite sure what it means but it looks nice and that’s all that matters. I’m sure you could use this pie chart on your next group project and be able to get a B+. Who doesn’t want a B+?

And it has some nice countries on it, too. The United States is on there. So is Germany and France! Which means you can use it for a history project. Maybe this chart describes something in World War II, or World War I, or maybe something about the economy in the world today. Who knows? It’s up to you. All you need to thank me for is that it looks really nice. It has nice bright warm colors, which are appealing to the eye. Imagine if there was dark green or dark yellow? Eww. Well there you have it, you’re all set for your next history or math project, or whatever this chart is for.

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