Girl Hoped to Respond After Fifth Unanswered Message

Volume XLVIII Issue VII


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NEW BRUNSWICK—Ryan Turk, a SAS junior, is very opti­mistic that his fifth unanswered Facebook message to a girl he met two weeks ago will finally net him a response.

“Hey wat u up to,” Turk messaged Jenna Latimer, a SEBS freshman, on Saturday at 11:53 P.M. Turk admitted his previous messages, ranging from “Hey ur in intro to comm right” on Friday, October 3 to his most re­cent one, have not been his best work.

“A lot of girls will respond with and at least say, ‘Yeah, why?’ or ‘Who are you?’ and then I can really get the conver­sation going, but Jenna’s been holding out,” he said. “And it’s a shame cause I’m totally into black girls like her.”

Sources close to Latimer said that she might “respond to get him off her back,” with an­other adding, “Who randomly messages a girl he’s never talked to from a 300-person lecture?” Turk was optimistic when he heard the reports but did not want to get his hopes up as he did last week when he mes­saged her “hey how ru” at 2:54 A.M. on October 10. “I figured she might have gone out and been up at the same time bored and trying to watch Netflix,” he said.

He cited the relatively early timing of his message on Satur­day coupled with his new profile picture from a recent highlighter party as a perfect combination for prompting a response.

“If she doesn’t answer this time, I’ll probably only message her once or twice more,” he said. “Plus, I’m texting this totally hot [J.P. Stephens High School] se­nior from back home anyway.”

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