RWJ Researchers Discover Dessert Stomach

Volume XLVIII Issue III


NEW BRUNSWICK—Research scientists at Robert Wood John­son have discovered the much theorized organ they call the “dessert stomach”.

Led by Doctors Gastreaux and Testinalé, the group pub­lished findings in the Anatomic Research Journal. “This sec­ond stomach has been hidden for years underneath the main stomach. No one ever noticed it before since all past research was performed on dead bodies. Rather than dissecting this time, we used advanced noninvasive imaging technology to observe the digestive system throughout a meal.”

When they initially set out on this venture, the research group sought an explanation of “how the tummy turns food to poo-poo”, an age long mystery. What they saw was entering via the esophagus and sitting.

This occurred when appe­tizers and entrees were eaten; there, they saw that they were slowly dissolved. But the stom­ach filled up. The subject was then asked what he’d like for dessert: pie or cake.

At this point in the video, a pouch below the full stomach inflated and traveled upward. As dessert was consumed, it was deposited directly into the sac.This pouch is described as the “dessert stomach”, the rea­son people don’t instinctively save room for dessert.

The research offers explana­tion of why I’ll still go for a rich slice of cheesecake even after I’m full. There is far reaching po­tential for this discovery and it shows off Rutgers’s status as a premier research institution.

Gastreaux’s group is ex­pected to continue this line of research and continue to grow its great influence on the field of gastronomy and anatomy. Such instances of great discovery highlight the advantage of Rut­gers’s recent acquisition of RWJ.

The scientists are still sift­ing through the video, but at the moment, they believe that doo­dy is made by magic when food reaches the rectum.

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