What do you mean I Fucked a Cat?



The last thing I remember was dancing with this fine ass chick. She was a cat, or cheetah, or some shit I don’t know. She had ears on. Anyway, like she was good so you know I invited her back to my place. I think this was around 12 maybe. So we walk back to my place, and there are a couple of things that do pop up in my memory when I think about it. Well, me and this girl went upstairs and it started off with me fingering her tight pussy and she was purring very seductively. Then, I was like, hey sure why not you know? I can be into a little role play. It was Halloween.

So we stay at it for a while, as I was just giving her some nice sweet tender love. I went down on her, she went down on me. Then she went down on me some more, and more, and more. She really liked licking the shaft and continued the purring the whole time. When I asked if she was ready for my cock, all she did was lick the side of my face. It was the hottest thing ever, ‘cause you know she really wanted it.

So, you know I put it in and it was so tight and she just started shrieking. Like really shrieking. That’s when things started to get all fuzzy. Luckily, some of my boys came into the room to watch over us since we were both pretty drunk and they said that we were really going at it under the covers, but I wouldn’t let them look at her for some reason.

She was fine as hell, you know. She must have wanted to stay hidden. But when I woke up this morning, some things just didn’t seem right. Like the bowl of milk that I keep on my dresser was empty? Who would drink that? And I had these little scratches all over my body which was fine but they were so small. Whose nails are that small? And no one saw her leave in the morning but my window was open? And then someone texted me asking “Dude why were you fucking that thing…?” And why was there so much fur in my bed? Wait a second. Ahh…son of a bitch.

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